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 Calling for 999

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 1. Dial 999 on your phone. Ask for ambulance

 2. Prepare to answer the following questions:

  • The exact location, land mark
  • Your telephone number / call back number
  • What is happening ?
  • How many people need help ?
  • What is their age/gender ?
  • Are they unconscious ?
  • Are they breathing ?

 3. Do not hang up until you are told to do so.

999, is the nationwide emergency number. The country 999 operating system manned by Telekom Malaysia and operates 24hrs daily. 999 can be dialed through fix-line phone or mobile phone. When there is no emergency, but you need ambulance to transport your family to hospital for routine check-up, don't call 999. Call your local non-emergency ambulance service provider. Click here for St. John Ambulance Penang Non-emergency Patient Transport Ambulance Service

When you call 999, a telephone operator will ask you which emergency service you need:

  • Police
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Emergency Ambulance

Tell the operator your location and you need ambulance if the emergency happen required emergency ambulance service. Then your call will be diverted to local hospital or emergency ambulance service provider.

 999 emergency, can I help you?
 I am in Bayan Lepas, Penang. I need ambulance, someone fainted

The emergency medical dispatcher will always ask for the following details:

  • The exact location of the incident, house number and name of the street
  • The nearest road junction or land mark (to ease the emergency ambulance get to you quickly)
  • Your telephone number ( very important: we can contact you back if ambulance cannot get to the location)

You will then be asked about the incident/patient's condition. If possible, be ready to pass on as much detail about the patient as you can. Don't panic while giving information, talk slowly and clearly.

  • What is happening
  • How many people need help ( 2 person injured is totally different with 10 injured)
  • What is their age/sex
  • Are they unconscious
  • Are they breathing
  • Do they have chest pains
  • Are they bleeding.
 Penang Hospital emergency, can I help you? what is happening?
Someone fainted at the coffee shop.
 Tell me the exact location with the landmark please.
 ABC coffee shop at Jalan XYZ, coffee shop just next  to the SS bank. I will wait for the ambulance at the roadside of Jalan XYZ. I am wearing a t-shirt with red colour.
 What is your telephone number?
 6469934 My name is Teo
 can you tell me about the patient condition?
 A man about 60 y/o fainted suddenly, he still breathing.

The questions about the patient's condition do not delay the response and allow us to work out what resources are required. Remember: Don not hang up your phone until the operator tells you to do so.

The details of the call are then passed to the nearest ambulance medic by radio or telephone. The emergency response can be on its way as soon as we have the address.

The ambulance medics will be updated on their journey about the patient's condition and any information related to the safety. We will aim to get help to you as soon as possible within ten minutes.

In the meantime, you will be asked to help the ambulance medic to get quickly to the patient, e.g.

  • Turn on the lights inside and outside of your house.
  • Make sure the front door is open and unlocked.
  • If possible, have someone waiting outside to direct the ambulance medic.
  • Get out any medication the patient takes.
  • Ensure that any pets - especially dogs - are put away.
  • Don't off your hand-phone or put it in "silence" mode. Be ready to receive any call back by the Emergency Medical Dispatcher.

You will be asked to give any information to help ensure the safety of the medics.

You will be told how to help the patient until the arrival of the ambulance medics.

When help arrives, the patient's condition will be assessed and pre-hospital care/ treatment will be given at the scene.

If after treatment, the patient's condition is still critical, then the local hospital will be alerted so as to prepare for their arrival.

The patient will either be taken to the local government hospital accident and emergency (A & E) department or to the private hospital of patient own choice (charges may apply).

The ambulance medic will report to the doctor or medical staff at hospital all the assessment and patient condition as well as pre-hospital care given to the patient.

:   Patients arriving hospital in emergency ambulances receive priority treatment at the A & E Department

   ALL patients arriving at A & E Department will be assessed by the medical staff at the hospital. Those assessed as critical will be attended to first, followed by non-emergency cases.

Having handed over the patient the medic need to make sure paperwork is complete and their equipment and ambulance is ready for another call.



Download video clip on 999 ( avi format, 113MB )

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