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 Ambulance Equipment

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St. John Ambulance of  Malaysia (SJAM) EMAS's ambulance is well equipped  with life saving equipment to meet the needs of various emergencies that can happens any time, any where. The tools and equipment in the ambulance are upgrading from time to time as the technology developing. Our medic are using the advanced medical equipment and below are some of the examples found in our emergency ambulances. These equipment are not merely for exhibition purposes, but they are the working partner of our medics.


Automated External Defibrillator Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM)
A semi-automatic machine which can detect and analyse shockable and non-shockable rhythm of heart.


A resuscitation device for ventilating and deliver oxygen to non-breathing patients

Cervical Collar Head Immobilizer
To immobilize and secure the head and neck of a casualty with suspected spinal injury. There are several sizes to fit the patient's neck for maximum secure. Used together with cervical collar, Long Spinal Board and straps, Head Immobilizer restricts the movement of head and neck of the patient with suspected spinal injury.


Long Spinal Board  Glucometer
Used with Head Immobilizer and straps, it provides a firm surface to support casualty with suspected spinal injury.


A medical electronic device used to measure the concentration of glucose in the blood of the patient

 Nasal Cannula Simple Face Mask
Medical oxygen delivery device. For providing low concentration of oxygen to the patient through nose. Available in Adult and Paediatric size. Medical oxygen delivery device. For providing moderate concentration of oxygen to the patient through nose and mouth. Available in Adult and Paediatric size.


Non-Rebreather Mask  Oral-pharyngeal Airway
Medical oxygen delivery device. For providing high concentration of oxygen to the patient through nose and mouth. Available in Adult and Paediatric size. A curved piece of plastic inserted over the tongue that creates an air passage way. Useful to prevent the tongue and/or epiglottis "fall back" against the posterior pharynx in unconscious patients which obstructing the flow of air. 


Portable Oxygen Regulator System Static Oxygen System
A portable medical oxygen delivery device. The carrying bag/case contains an oxygen cylinder, and other delivery devices. It enable easy and immediate access to oxygen for the patient on scene.


Medical oxygen cylinder fitted inside an ambulance for providing oxygen to casualty/patient.

 Intravenous (IV) Solution  IV set
Normal Saline 0.9% NaCl and Dextrose Saline. Normal Saline 0.9% is used for patient fluid replacement and Dextrose Saline is used for patient with abnormally low blood sugar


IV set is used together with IV solutions for administration of IV therapy

 Patient Vital Sign Monitor Sphygmomanometer
Electronic device used to monitor patient's vital sign: blood pressure, arterial oxygen saturation SpO2 and ECG


Device operate manually to measure the blood pressure

Stethoscope Ambulance Stretcher
An acoustic device for auscultation, or listening, to internal sounds in a human body. It is most often used to listen to heart sounds and breath sounds, though it is also used with sphygmomanometer in blood pressure measuring.


Ambulance trolley-type stretcher is designed to enable ambulance medic loading and unloading the patient safely and with less physical demand.

Wooden Splint Tuff-Cut Paramedic Scissors
To immobilize fractured limbs. Several size and design to meet the different location and mechanism of injury.


Sharp stainless scissors. Highly useful for cutting seatbelts, clothing, and other materials.

Trauma Bag

Scoop Stretcher

Large in size with multiple "inner mobile bag", contains different size of bandages, dressing set, gloves, gauze, tape, IV sets, and medical materials that needed when dealing with trauma cases.


A metallic stretcher that can be split into two halves for easy loading of casualty onto the stretcher or spinal board. It is used on lifting a casualty with fractures or spinal injury with minimum movement to the casualty.

Life Hammer Safety Gloves

Surgical Gloves Surgical Mask

Portable Radio Walkie-Talkie
(Motorola GP338)
Mobile Set Radio
(Motorola GM338)

Safety Helmet  


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