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Providing pre-hospital care and serving to the community, are the core service of SJAM EMAS Penang. Thus, through our fleet, we are committed to provide you a better, if not, the best pre-hospital care and ambulance services. Each vehicle, play identical role in the service, will be dispatched based on different criteria, which meet different situation, allow us to serve you any time, any where, any condition.

Our fleets:
i) Emergency Ambulance
ii) Medic Motorcycle
ii) Cycle Responder (under MCAD)

Emergeny Ambulance will be dispatched to the scene of emergency or standby services. We carry advanced life saving and medical equipment, able to render pre-hospital care on scene, as well as en-route to hospital. Our ambulances are equipped with radio communication device, and are linked to Hospital-based Emergency Ambulance Radio link (HEAR) (previously known as Penang Emergency Ambulance Radio Link, PEARL). It allows us to communicate with other agencies such as government hospitals, the Civil Defence Department, Malaysian Red Crescent and voluntary ambulance services. 


ii) Medic Motorcycle, a modified motorcycle with warning lights and siren, carry with basic life saving equipments, will be dispatched with single medic, during congested hours, addition medic needed, non-availability of four-wheel ambulances in the coverage area, and standby services.
During emergency situation, time equals to life. Early detection of emergency and activation of EMS will increase the chance of survival and prevent deterioration of condition. Medic Motor plays vital role in reducing the respond time of medic to the scene of emergency.


ii) Cycle Responder, unit formed under Millennium Combined Adult Division, the unit meets the need of large crowd standby and first aid services, parade and during sports events. Cycle responder can reach the incident scene faster when the area is congested and crowded with public. Therefore, immediate first aid measures can be carried out.



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