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Operation, our core services, since SJAM EMAS Penang started her services on December 2005, attended various of emergency, from seriously injured, to the severe heart attack; medical emergencies till emergency delivery, our medics remain to carry the motto of SJAM, for the Service of Mankind.

Emergency calls to 999 will be received at the regional call centre and calls in EMAS Penang's coverage area will be diverted directly to us. This Emergency Ambulance Service will serve the community of South West District of Penang including homes, industries, public areas, roads and public gathering. It helps to decrease the burden of Penang Hospital Emergency Department, as well, aim to decrease the respond time of emergency ambulance. This emergency ambulance services are free of charge. Apart from this, the EMAS ambulances will transport all emergency cases to the hospital of patient's choice (government or private hospital).

EMAS Penang emphasizes on the proper pre-hospital care to the patient, on scene as well as en route to government or private hospital. Six aspects of EMS, i.e. Detection, Reporting, Response, On scene care, Care in transit, Transfer to definitive care, represented through the Star of Life are take into account for every case we responded. To increase the efficiency of emergency medical service in the region, EMAS Penang is linked to the Hospital-based Emergency Ambulance Radio link (HEAR)  (previously, Penang Emergency Ambulance Radio Link, PEARL). HEAR is the wireless radio communication system, with Penang Hospital as the main control, coordinates all the ambulance service provider in Penang, they includes all the government hospital, St. John Ambulance Malaysia(SJAM), Civil Defence (JPAM) and Malaysian Red Crescent. EMAS Penang will be activated by Penang Hospital when received any emergency call within the EMAS Penang coverage area. EMAS Penang will function within protocols developed and approved by Medical Advisory board.


Besides, St. John Ambulance Malaysia, State of Penang also offers Non-emergency patient transport ambulance service. This service includes:
i ) Ferrying patient to hospital for medical / routine check up.
ii) Ferrying patient back to home from hospital.
iii) Ferrying patient from one hospital to another.
iv) Ferrying patient for treatments at Dialysis Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, and etc.
Our area of service, covers the whole Penang as well as Peninsular Malaysia, from the border of Malaysia-Thailand to border of Malaysia-Singapore. Should you need our service and assistance, you are welcome to make an appointment and arrangement with our staffs.
Contact us at 04-828 5972 for arrangement

EMAS Penang,
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