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Training is vital to prepare our medics and volunteers for the daily job. Various training with updated knowledge and skills will ensure a better and proper pre-hospital care is delivered to the patients.

Advanced First Aid and Basic Ambulance Care (BAC) are the modules to train and prepare EMAS medics and volunteers to get ready to serve in emergency. The training faculty is headed by the Emergency Physician, also Penang Hopsital Emergency Department's (ED) chief, Dr Teo Aik Howe, MBBS, MMed (Emergency Medicine).

Lecturers, ranging from First Aid Trainers, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Nurses, ED Doctors and Specialists share their valuable knowledge and experience with the course participants. The contents of the course, besides Basic Life Support (BLS), includes Emergency Childbirth, Trauma Management, Medical Emergency, on-going assessment and documentation, 999 emergency and ambulance operation, management of violent patient, TRIAGE and et cetera. Besides, CPR + AED are taught follows the latest Resuscitation Guidelines 2005. Hands-on session offers the course participants to practise and shape up their skills. Compulsory attachment of 120hrs with EMAS Penang ambulance service after the course, will be the platform for participants to learn and gain necessary on field experience. Training are constantly organized by EMAS Penang from time to time to upgrade the skills of medics.

Promising and well-performed medics will further be trained in Basic Ambulance Care Instructors (BAC-I), Advanced Life Support (ALS), to prepare and equip the medic be a well rounded and team leader in operation. Apart from that, medics will sent for oversea attachment to gain experience, skills, and knowledge in emergency care and emergency medical service (EMS) management. In 2008, 4 medics had completed their one month attachment with South Australia Ambulance Service (SAAS) in Australia.

In near further, medics may undergo Diploma in Paramedic programme in partner higher education institution, to ensure the highest quality of pre-hospital care is delivered to community, this too will assure the future of medics.

Communication is another part of vital element in pre-hospital care. Radio always becomes an important tool for ambulance medics in communicatio. All SJAM Penang ambulances are fixed with mobile radio which are linked to Hospital-based Emergency Ambulance Radio (HEAR) link. EMAS Penang medics and volunteers are trained in proper radio communication and handling. Besides this, they are encouraged to take part and involve in Radio Amateur. The Radio Amateur classes are conducted with the help from MARTS Penang to equip the EMAS medics and volunteers with better knowledge and skills. In addition, SJAM Penang has set up a radio amateur station at EMAS Penang base in Bayan Baru. To date, we have more than 40 medics and volunteers passed the Radio Amateur Exam (RAE) with B-license.



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